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With fashion becoming increasingly diversified nowadays, a woman should never don on any outfit for the sake of fashion with very little thought given to the occasion and venue of the event.

This is because the selection of fashion clothing to some extent reflects the image and personality of the person wearing the outfit. For women with successful careers, the image portrayed also reflects the image of the organisation they represent.

EEPD Distinguished Speaker Series 1/2015

19 November 2015 – Almost 60 people comprising of the staff of Universiti Utara Malaysia, the staff of Open Universiti Malaysia and civil servants from around Alor setar were present for the EEPD Distinguished Speakers Series 1/2015 programme

Mukmin Profesional

A total of 45 participants have successfully followed the programme for Professional Mukmin. The participants comprised of the staff from Universiti Utara Malaysia and Institut Kemahiran Mara, Alor Setar. This programme was carried out for 3 days, starting from 23 November 2015 to 25 November 2015 at

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