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About EEPD

Executive Education & Professional Development (EEPD) at Awang Had Salleh Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (AHSGS) is established as a training and consultation arm for Universiti Utara Malaysia. With a struggling economy, stiffer regulation and heightened competition, every organization needs exceptional leaders to drive its performance and maintain a competitive advantage.

EEPD has the resources to help you develop the talent that takes to succeed – from the front line to the executive suite. Let us help you train and educate your staff to enhance their capability towards delivering high performance, expand your pool of high potential leaders and prepare a large pool of talented managers who can make money, engage people and grow strategically. Flexible, innovative and creative, our corporate services put you in touch with experts with the real-world experience and a mastery of updated theory.

We have an extensive network of faculty members, prominent leaders in the academia, industry captains, adjuncts and visiting scholars, and practitioners who come from within Universiti Utara Malaysia and from our institutional partners and industries to serve clients’ needs and requirement. All of our trainers are highly experienced and have been involved in numerous training programs throughout the country and in the region. EEPD delivers quality that you can trust in ensuring that your leaders can harness new knowledge and utilize enhanced strategic thinking and collaborative skills to move your organization forward. As a premier source for corporate training, Executive Education & Professional Development, EEPD is committed to delivering programmes that have a strong impact on organizations and careers.

Training Provided :

- Customized Programmes

- Speaker Series

- Professional Development Courses

- External (Global) Programmes

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